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Suicide Bunny premium e-liquids was started in 2013 by Pip Gresham with the original goal of helping her husband quit smoking.  After seeing first-hand the proven success, this goal evolved into a movement of enhancing vapes with a superior premium e-liquid and creating a better overall vaping experience. With carefully selected ingredients, child resistant droppers, and bottles. Suicide Bunny e-liquids are designed to help reduce the health hazards associated with smoking cigarettes.

A Symbol of Quality

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Committing to Quitting

Suicide Bunny premium e-liquids are the end result of an exacting process designed to create the ultimate vaping taste and cloud aromas. Take your pick from our custom-crafted Suicide Bunny premium e-liquids for a unique taste and unbeatable vaping experience.  Our droppers are child-resistant and easy to use, allowing for a smooth transition from buying cigarettes to vaping. E-cigarettes can help even longtime smokers reduce their daily cigarette intake. Quitting cigarettes in favor of e-liquids can help you gradually eliminate your dependence on nicotine, while cutting back on the risk of respiratory illnesses.

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